Indianapolis Edition


As one of the largest national publications serving the natural living community, Natural Awakenings reaches nearly 3 million readers each month who are interested in leading a healthy and sustainable life. We publish 12 issues a year, with a national circulation over 1.3 million in approximately 81 cities. No other locally focused publication can claim the brand recognition we have across North America.

Locally, Natural Awakenings of Indianapolis distributes 14,000 magazines (and growing) to over 400 locations every month. You can pick up your copy in grocery stores, natural food stores, healthy restaurants, coffee shops, healthy pet stores, chiropractor offices, libraries, fitness centers, natural salons, farmers' markets, and yoga & pilates centers. Natural Awakenings of Indianapolis is serving the Crossroads of America, reaching Marion, Hamilton, Hancock, Boone, Hendricks, Morgan, Johnson and Shelby counties.

Natural Awakenings distributors and staff often hear from local area businesses that our magazines are more popular than our competitors when placed side-by-side. What’s more, Natural Awakenings readers often refer to each issue of the magazine again and again, providing repeat exposure for your business.

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